So much for opening you back up
You’re the pickle jar I couldn’t get
But hopefully I’ve loosened you for the next
Who will take credit for my work
And quench her thirsts
On your brine
And feed her hunger on your

While I search
For a jar loose enough to pop off

Perhaps if you stay sealed
For long enough

I will build the strength in my hands

Carrying myself up and down the streets each day I will build that muscle

I will lift my spirits and hold up my end of deals

And raise a glass for my accomplishments

And then I will have the strength
To remove your lid

I only hope by then

You haven’t gone sour

Burn me

I fear this place is becoming empty
This place of words
We will no longer hear
Or read rather
Our eyes can no longer gaze upon
Each other’s musings
Just as our bodies will no longer intertwine
Just as our lives will slowly become
So separate

This will become empty cyber-space
A graveyard for lost phrases
That once exclaimed

Now empty
Rest in peace sweet memories
Of our fallen lovers

Many before us have held the same
And bore the same burden as we do now

Although to me it’s all so new
Baby pink soft skin so insecure
Waiting to be lived in

When you first walk on fresh snow
That satisfying crunch

The same crushing step on my heart

Virgin heart freshly broken

Nowhere to go but a healed place

Not here

No more love in cyber space

Incoming sentences filled with
Friendship and regret

But no one loves my words like you do

Midnight no longer meaningful now

Midnight is the loneliest hour for me

Because my lover will sleep

And dream of something new.

Words from the Shore

I know there’s more danger
In the not do then
The undo
There are the odds and the
I mights
And the sand mites
You’re the bug bites
When they say the drugs might
What they should do
There’s the undo
When you come to and
And the bug bites all but
Come through
Nothing you can do
If the blood pumps
Then you can do
If you can do
Watch the bone set
Has to break to
The illusive illusion
Ghost whisper
Careless on the water
Like you’re favourite tune
Oh have faith.
Oh believe in a concept but consider it so
If you revere Him
And you hymn
Or him
No not there man, ghost
Milky illusion of
Light and dark
Man made like the bay
If you swim or you pray
You concede
But we all need our
Modern remix
Her and me
Are the steed
Ride into the orange chocolate
Just like his day
Before the glass
We had to assume
Now we consume
She sells love its doom
But I shake when they
Like a sail boat
Drifting off course
Because I cherish
Get along
Tag along
Or swim alone

Find your midnight swim

Little forever

Hush little lady
Don’t say a thing
Baby can’t buy you a diamond ring
Baby isn’t ready to commit for long
And baby really doesn’t wanna do you wrong
He don’t wanna hurt your pretty little heart
He wants a new girl and a brand new start
Baby says maybe we should just be friends
Cause my baby doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Tonight I won’t fall asleep with ease
Alone in my bed
I start to feel a sense of worry

I have to say I remember this feeling
We always used to have night like these

Where we’d cry about how little time
We had left together

And I’d fall asleep already missing you
I’m leaving for a short trip tomorrow

So the few “last” kisses we shared
Will have to hold me over for at least that time

It doesn’t really bother me that while I’m gone

You might be exploring life without me

And liking it

If this were a game of life or death

My heart would be chained up to
A bomb set to explode

And the only way I could survive

Would be if you were to give me the key



You up?

I saw you post so I know you’re up-.-

Hate to bother you..

Could we talk?

I just feel kind of alone right now..

I know I’m the last person you want to talk to but I’m just missing you and I know you’re there I can see you I just was wondering if we can talk..

I hate when you leave like this it makes me so alone

Cmon you know I hate the darkness just come back

I’ll be better this time, I won’t cover up I’ll let you have all of me, touch my skin and leave your mark..

The moon makes me so sad..

The moon is when you’re not here and I hate it and I can see your bright light in my head but you’re gone..

Okay.. Goodnight for now then I’ll let you sleep because I really hate to be a bother!!

Night sunshine

Your words

Heart race

Laboured breath

Pain behind my eyes

Pain in my chest

Your words

Not like knives

But a thin silver needle

Embroiders your name

On my heart

The pure evil

New love retrieval

Old pain upheaval

Torturous medieval

Tickle my toes

Sickly beetle