It’s everywhere y’know
It’s in the way he smells
The way his thumbs look
Ugh fuck
So short
Not like your
Elegant appendage
Your smell so spicy
And warm
Your chest your hands
Your lips
Big lips
Your voice not speaking
His words
One day
I’d like to take the bus with you

If he
My drug
Is gone

It stands to reason
I would need a little
Is that wrong?

Don’t me angry
With me
I’m not a little thing

Any more
No now I’m grown
And need to find it on my own

My dear drug
You slowly kill me
And I’ll let you

My dear drug
You fill my lungs
Take my head
And change my mind

Inhale the
taste of his lips

How are you darling?
Gone before he sips his

My eyes grows tired on
The road
My medicine
Home grown

My dear drug
You slowly kill me
And I’ll let you

My dear drug
You fill my lungs
Take my head
And change my mind

Wouldn’t it be nice
To own a car with you
And drive all around and
Get wherever we need to
Then the distance won’t be
Our problem anymore
So we can do our thing
Until we both get bored

My dear drug
You slowly kill me
And I’ll let you

My dear drug
You fill my lungs
You take my head
And change my mind

This is where I’ll be
Until you get bored of me

Here’s the feeling that creeps in
These are things I FEEL
These stupid cunts
These lovers of yours
These girls that held your attention
These undeserving sluts who got
To sample
To taste your love
Who now know the sweet drops of
Elixir that spill from your lips
Every kiss
Brings years
Now these whores know that
And once these fucking sluts have tasted your love
In my eyes
Nothing will stop them from breaking up
The happy home
That we no longer share
Then again
With nothing invested
Maybe I should go to sleep

Swallowed Weight

Twitter is dangerous, I think because you have the power of knowing what people are thinking at all times! Although it would have been helpful before World War 2. We would have had some warning maybe? It would be like “@Hitler1: I’m not feeling Jews guys, anyone else?”

I read your words
And I run miles away

We back and we back

I don’t want to lose you

But the bond we had before made

Me abuse you 

And it’s true you

Have to have the freedom to 

Miss captivity 

Want what you can’t have 
Leave to come back faithfully 
And ache for me 

When you’re in your room late at night 

And the girl in your arm 

Double take her tonight 

But she knows

We both know she’s not the want that you want 

Because the girl you left at home 
Is scribbled on you in familiar fonts
So don’t forget about the night times
Thought now can’t be the right time
I stil see you in my sight line
The future that I wanted is still planned out including you
It’s happens I was mapping and I laid for us so much to do
So many check marks
Or time to let it take us
if I find another man it’s just so I can fake us
Never shake us
At least that’s what I know now
In youth
Who knows if years will bring us up or bring out the impossible truth
Who knows if there will come a day where I don’t trust you
I can’t give it my mind and can’t hold you what’s the use
No use so I sit back and let it float me
For now I spend my days knowing you’re the one and only

Little Thief

This got me through the first night

Salt pepper and cumin
You two go together to perfectly 
Sometimes I feel left out
Or like I’m in the way 
You tell secrets like I shouldn’t be there 
But then there was that moment 
Those words 
I read them 
And it was like a wall 
“Things will never be the same”
And then I said I miss that
I miss your fighting 
I miss you getting upset at everything we do 
I miss your running off and sorting things out
I want it back 
Why was I there person who took it away 
How could I be there person you deprived you of that love 
Today I saw it 
It was there again 
Like a lost star in the night sky 
From a midnight meeting 
To a daylight greeting 
They smiled 
But it was real
It was the smile you try to stop but comes out anyways 
“The same” 
Things with never be the same
That is the past 
To enter future you must have change
Today I saw one thing remained the same 
Your love