Little Thief

This got me through the first night

Salt pepper and cumin
You two go together to perfectly 
Sometimes I feel left out
Or like I’m in the way 
You tell secrets like I shouldn’t be there 
But then there was that moment 
Those words 
I read them 
And it was like a wall 
“Things will never be the same”
And then I said I miss that
I miss your fighting 
I miss you getting upset at everything we do 
I miss your running off and sorting things out
I want it back 
Why was I there person who took it away 
How could I be there person you deprived you of that love 
Today I saw it 
It was there again 
Like a lost star in the night sky 
From a midnight meeting 
To a daylight greeting 
They smiled 
But it was real
It was the smile you try to stop but comes out anyways 
“The same” 
Things with never be the same
That is the past 
To enter future you must have change
Today I saw one thing remained the same 
Your love


To process
More on the feeling of
Taking a dull knife
And carefully removing
An organ
Placing it in a small envelope
Dripping with fluid
And sending it off
You’ll see it soon!
Only 19 days!
19 soul less!
19 heart less days!

Then one night
He was lying in bed
In a lovely daze
A sweaty after love
He stretched out
His thin toned arms
And grabbed her small body
And pulled it into him
A little ball of smooth
He leans in to kiss
And for a second there’s a flicker of
Is this where I want to be?
Isn’t there a girl waiting hours away
Isn’t there a girl I’m supposed to love?
Isn’t there a girl that look just like her?
Isn’t this the wrong girl?
Dive into the deep
Blue black liquid

I’m thrown awake
In the middle of night
They say you can feel it when a person
You love
Like some change in the wind
Shift in the currents

I fall out of my bed
And trip on the fabric of
Tick Toc
Tick Toc
I fall hard onto the cracked porcelain
My cheeks are soaked
My arms are long
And my legs thick
My face is rough with
A weeks worth of stubble
I have an unwavering pain in my chest
Swallowing acid
With every gulp
And the fire in my stomach
I’ve been stabbed

I look up
I can’t even see her for the cloud of
Dark matter
She’s a soot covered angel
Drowning in electric current
She must have done this to me
The blood pooling through my t-shirt
She knows who cast the blow
She cast this blow
She left
She cut out my heart
With her bloody nails
She clawed at my scull but couldn’t
Get to my brain
Now she mourns me
She turns down her
Lips to me
“Baby what happened”
Is she laughing
She’s shaking
Her back quivers
She begins to melt into the floor
Her stare unwavering
Until she becomes a puddle
For me to slip on
Fall into
Fall back into
Fall in love again

Fall will be two
Years since we shared our first
Moment of a million

Fall into my arms again
Fall for my shortcoming
Follow me forever
Fall out of the sky
Fall out of her bed
Into mine
Follow the letters
The words
Follow the love
That might lead you home


Great feeling

Stupid fucking


Stupid stupid.

You’re no lover

You don’t deserve it

You couldn’t talk to save your life

You stand around at parties sipping water

Being ignored

Striking up a conversation

Only to have them awkwardly bow out

"Sorry I gotta find my…"

Sorry I don’t entertain you

Stupid fucking girl

Pick on someone

Your own size


Here it is again

The words that

Catch my eye

Catch my breath







Fill you up

I can hardly breath

The anticipation nearly suffocating me

The butterflies have flown back

To remind me

How to love again

I love you with every part of my body

And I will love every





Sucking my way back into your heart

As you lick your way

Back into mine

Why Can’t I Be A Friend To Myself

I dream these words but never get them on paper

I’ve knows a few
A lot
A few
Cowards in my life

The bravest men
I see
I know
Faced their fears
Left the girl
Told me he loved me
My father
My love
With Hearts of artists

Cry little boy
The noble tear

She’ll be back

I’ll be back

Love comes in all ages

He found love
A wise boy

I found love
In one like him
My love,
Found me back.
His love,
Left us.

Now we have the love
Of each other

Blood love
“No one could ever love you as much as I do”
-They both said that

Brave men