Dear God

Because Kanye
He didn’t love us anymore
He needed to get better
Because God
He had to let us go
He needed to heal
And we weren’t helping
Remember what he said?
I don’t love you anymore
The way you love me
Best friends, Kanye
Doesn’t that sound nice?
Don’t cry God
Your tears will only fall
The more things fall
The more mess to clean up
We can’t cry while we sleep
We can’t sleep
If you cry
He didn’t love you
He let me go

I know baby

Tonight I couldn’t heal
I just looked at photos of us and
Photos of a gone boy
Lost boy
Lost girl
Empty heads
Empty beds
Full hearts
No one to turn to
And when I do turn around
I see you’re no longer right
Beside me
I was holding your hand a second ago
I only let it go for a minute
And your gone
My eyes scan the room
I’m frantic
I can’t breath I start
To panic
I don’t wanna get taken
And the rooms so big
How will I find my way home without you