Your words

Heart race

Laboured breath

Pain behind my eyes

Pain in my chest

Your words

Not like knives

But a thin silver needle

Embroiders your name

On my heart

The pure evil

New love retrieval

Old pain upheaval

Torturous medieval

Tickle my toes

Sickly beetle


C’mon no

Don’t let it end like this

A slow fizzle

A spark that didn’t light

A faulty firework


We were supposed to be so climactic

I would’ve spent all my time climaxing with you

But not like this

You get distant

I get worried

You get bothered when I call

I get worried

The tone of your voice

"What? How am I acting different"

Playing ignorant beats admitting defeat

No it’s not that we couldn’t make things work

Or that things were just too hard

"So why did you end things?"

He just wasn’t that into it

Bella F

The night before she was leaving quickly became the day

We stayed up for hours just talking


Getting mad at the world and

At our past selves

I’m gonna miss this attic bedroom

All white

While she’s off having her adventures

I’ll be having mine

I do however look forward to the day

She gets back

And we go back

To draining the colour from the sky

As we drain pitcher

After glass

Me ow

It’s like how I can look a picture of you

See your big bright wet lips

And remember just how soft they feel on mine

And even from a picture

A mere photograph

I can feel your missing from me

I see your smile on the screen and I can hear your silly laugh

That’s what it’s like


So I check for a poem

Unsure what to say

I wanna speak to you but can’t sum it up with


How do you follow the nights that we have

With a text or a poem

Cut my heart up in halves

Serve it like the oranges

Brought to kids games

And now I’m talking in similes

How fucking lame.


The air in my lungs

Let it out

Breath deep

Cuz the chill is

What it’s all about

I’ll go back to writing dope raps about

My friends

If it ain’t cool you could just pretend

If if ain’t cool touch the ice again

Blang Blang on my wrist be my homie then

Bang bang it’s a twist I’m alone again

All I care about is drugs, money, alcohol

And fine people

All the time I feel I’m lost but I can’t find people

Look you pushed me right back to where I started

Fuck the political my flows retarded

Tonight for me

My heads spinning so fast

I feel like I’m on roller blades

Honesty I can barely see the screen that I type this on

You don’t need me I’ve realized

From here on in were just friends

That’s okay I’ve realized

You don’t need me that’s okay

Have fun with the boys tonight

I’ll sit here and let my head spin

I miss you love more than anything

That something I can’t deny

I’m drunk and I want your loving

More than I ever have

I’m gone and I need your kisses

More than I ever will

But you don’t

Don’t love me

But I do

Or have I just been drinking

I’ll make a few calls

And see if anyone body else


Into my trap

It’s why I have a bad rap

Ill break your heart just for sport

But not him

He’s a love and I need his kiss

Come back