Tonight for me

My heads spinning so fast

I feel like I’m on roller blades

Honesty I can barely see the screen that I type this on

You don’t need me I’ve realized

From here on in were just friends

That’s okay I’ve realized

You don’t need me that’s okay

Have fun with the boys tonight

I’ll sit here and let my head spin

I miss you love more than anything

That something I can’t deny

I’m drunk and I want your loving

More than I ever have

I’m gone and I need your kisses

More than I ever will

But you don’t

Don’t love me

But I do

Or have I just been drinking

I’ll make a few calls

And see if anyone body else


Into my trap

It’s why I have a bad rap

Ill break your heart just for sport

But not him

He’s a love and I need his kiss

Come back

I think

I think I’m gonna give you the key


I think I’m gonna release you from this horrible cage

I’ve kept you in

I think I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through

And as hard and terrible as it is

I think I’ll be okay if were just friends

Which we already are

And I think that even though I’m the princess

You’re the one who’s been locked in a tower

I think it’s time

To let down your hair


I’ve only ever know him when he wanted me I guess

That’s probably why the last couple months have been so bizzare

He went from wanting me

To loving me

To not knowing me

And now he’s back

And feels nothing for me

That’s just why it’s strange

And it’s not a bad thing not to mean something to someone

It just takes some getting used to

I always feel like my whole body is filled with water

Like there’s some big ocean inside me

And nights like these I can feel my heart sink so much deeper into the depths of it

He can also be my life preserver

The only one

I like when people make me cry

It’s like they’re bailing out the water from a sinking boat

Slowly draining me

Lungs first so I can breath for a while

Maybe he doesn’t understand this feeling

Because he’s not filled with water

But I have to love him

(As a friend)

Because he’s the only one who makes me feel

When you’re always floating in freezing water

You tend to get a little numb

But he’s like a warm sweaty hand

Pulling me out of the deep end

So I can lie in the sun

I’m gonna miss the sunshine

But hopefully one day I’ll find another


Lifeguard to save me

Hopefully soon because I can feel

My tank

Running out of air

(As more than a friend)


Please please


Pick up the phone

Face your demons

Face me

The one who ruined it all

Caps don’t come close

But yelling at me might just make

Us all feel a little bit better

I need to release this

Relieve this tension

Scream at me

Rip my hair out

Something real because the words



Tear tear

A tear for you

You tear my heart

I tore yours too

I single tear

That falls tonight

My dear it’s done

Well be alright

Maybe for the best

But who’s to know!!!!!!!!!

So I she’s a tear

And start to sew

TV Dinner

I bet everyone watching

At home

Is getting pretty sick!

Of UN-happy endings!!

I know I am!

Well for now there’s nothing we can do about that!

Better luck next week!

Anyway here’s tonight’s episode of



We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news

Yet another local teen has been found


Cause of Death:

He just wasn’t that into her.